Luiz Henrique Ferreira

Fini Brasil

Manager of Communication

A son, a brother, a father², and a friend, but also the communications manager @ Fini Brasil. I am a graduated journalist, and digital marketing communications & web analytics specialist, who has already been on stage in Engage Prague 2015 for the Smart Storyteller Award for another brand. Now, I’ve been working at Fini for two years, since May/2016, and it all started basically from a blank page. Now, we sometimes respond for having more than 75% interactions share in our sector, amongst many other candy brands in Brazil. Difference shows not only in social, but also through events, partnerships and sales, since the company has grown double digits over 2017, by communicating mainly through Internet & social media. That blank page has become a colorful book, with many surprises and achievements on the way, but still with many blank pages to be filled in.

Where and when
can be seen

  • wednesday, may 16
  • 9am – Noon
  • Which languages do they speak, and Y we don’t?