Mark Nelson

Stanford Peace Innovation Lab


TITLE: How you can spark conversations that matter and achieve more peace in the world

This year, it’s all about the power of conversations on social media. Marketers allocate their budgets on social media to connect – and speak with – current and potential customers. How are they managing these conversations, and do they understand the importance of them? Let us discuss the science behind meaningful interactions with audiences. See how you can spark conversations that matter and achieve more peace in the world.


About the speaker:

Mark focuses on designing, catalyzing, incentivizing, and generating resources to scale up collective positive human behavior change. He has described a functional, quantitative definition of peace, in terms of technology-mediated engagement episode quantity and quality across social difference lines; he has identified innovative, automated ways to measure peace, both at the neighborhood and global level; and he has developed a formal structural description for peace data. He leads the Global Open Social Sensor Array Project, and designs technology interventions to measurably increase positive, mutually beneficial engagement across conflict boundaries. Mark’s mission is to create an entire new, profitable industry, where positive peace is delivered as a service. other projects include epic global challenge and peace markets. mark is also a researcher and practitioner at Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, and a member of Stanford’s Kozmetsky Global Collaboratory.

Where and when
can be seen

  • Friday, May 18
  • 16:15
  • Presentation