Nick Stoeckle


Digital Director

Nicholas Stoeckle began in the digital world in 2009 by founding an internet technology startup. Here, Nicholas first found his passion for user experiences and quickly propelled the firm forward in design and development on numerous platforms. His passion and acclaim for engaging others in a digital space catapulted him to join the nationally acclaimed ad agency PPK, as Digital Director. He pioneered the agency’s fastest growing and most profitable department and has revolutionized social and web content for the likes of Midway Attractions, LEGOLAND and Red Bull. His success stems from his ability to breakdown the traditional barriers of a user’s experience and engage in a way that is revolutionary. His approach has been proven to bring brands and users hand in hand to create an incredibly engaging and seamless digital creation, management and analytical powerhouse.

Where and when
can be seen

  • thursday, may 17
  • 2pm - 5pm
  • Breaking through algorithms and Newsfeed clutter