How to Build a Brand in the Age of Bullshit

Milan Semelak · Oliver Agency

Don’t start with Facebook. Don’t start with influencers. Don’t create noise. Create value. An in-depth session on the most misunderstood buzz word of the modern marketing era: Brand. Why have we lost the meaning of what a brand is? How do we get back to basics? What are the 6 types of ‘bullshit’ that damage your brand? How to fight them? How to use brand as a driving force behind everything you do? What are bad and good examples? Attendees will discover the status of what they call a brand and build upon one during a hands on exercise. We might just build your brand’s basics while drawing and sketching together. So, sign up if you dare.

  • thursday, may 17
  • 2pm - 5pm
  • Forum Karlin