Video marketing: tips, tricks and agency secrets

Chris Kubbernus · Kubb&co

There’s no doubt that video marketing is massive. In fact, by 2021 it’s estimated that video will represent 82% of all IP traffic! If you’re not doing video today, what’s wrong with you? No seriously, of course, it’s tough to crush it all areas, I get it, you’ve got enough to worry about…but video has two important elements that agencies, brands, and content marketers need to get right – the content and the distribution of videos.

In this keynote, I’ll walk through how you can do video right, from start to finish. I’ll walk through step-by-step on creating high-performance video that is searchable, clickable, viewable and shareable.

Key takeaways:

1. How to produce video that performs
2. How to make video searchable and clickable
3. How to milk it for all it’s worth

  • thursday, may 17
  • 9am – Noon
  • Forum Karlin