Tackling Programmatic: My Career Salvation or Demise?

Tom Triscari · Labmatik

Matt Nally · Labmatik

Trade publications are on the programmatic beat. The news is not good. Marketers are awakening to change. Marketer angst has boiled over as “tech taxes” have eaten away at ad budgets without proving value add. How do marketers turn their concerns into a case for change? What does change mean and how will it get done? How do you control and ensure your ad budget is always working to hit goals in a complex programmatic landscape?

Marketers are overwhelmed by technological challenges yet enticed by the opportunity. This fine line is knowing how to use programmatic tools as intended so the advertising job gets done in a scalable, efficient and effective manner. If not, the returns go to everyone but you.

In this workshop, Labmatik turns a real-life situation into a case study where you will analyze and present a solution. Our workshop case covers strategy, operations and organizational behavior. As we pace you through this engaging case, you will learn how to analyze the programmatic landscape, share strategic solutions and walk away with a new perspective on problem solving.