Master the art of live broadcasts

Danielly Netto · Socialbakers

Alexandria McCulloch · Socialbakers

This class is designed for the savvy social marketer looking to leverage the power of the LIVE video format to create engaging content.

Learn why the LIVE format will be critical to your social media marketing strategy today, get over your fear about LIVE, see/practice the winning formula for conducting a successful broadcast, and see how to measure the impact of your LIVE content.

By the end of the course, you will have worked with your team on a mock brief and brainstormed content for a LIVE video – and conducted one on Socialbakers channels!

Socialbakers will also have a Facebook LIVE Video with a surprise guest.

You can’t afford to miss this workshop. Today, audiences are seeking authentic content more than ever – from Stories to influencer marketing – platforms are prioritizing this content as a result and brands are left in the wake. Inform your strategy, get over your fear for LIVE broadcasts, and get the winning formula so you can start taking advantage of this popular format now.